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Clinical Psychologist
CONGRATULATIONS !     Welcome to My Anxiety Doctor.  You have just taken the first step towards managing your  situation - gathering information which is a smart move.

My background and training is as a Clinical Psychologist with a specialty in Anxiety Disorders. This includes a doctoral degree with advanced training in the methods of therapy I use as they apply to problem areas of Anxiety problems.

*** For more on the Fearful Flyers Program go to the Types of Anxiety Page ***
I work with adults (17+) who desire a non-drug approach to their anxiety issues. If you are already on medication that is fine. If you wish to stay on it, that can be discussed.

This  web site will get you some basic on >

Take some time to explore this website  - there is a lot of information/ education contained herein.  Thanks.

Dr. Andrew Sweet                  Colorado License #1079
1720 So Bellaire St.   #808
Denver, CO   80222

Phone:  303-437-9299

Please call me, rather than email, and we can chat about whether I am a good fit for you and your situation.
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